Pirate Skull is a new start-up that was founded in 2020. Our ambition is to become the leader of online skull shops. We have been passionate about it for a long time.

It all started when we were young we loved pirates like many children. Then as we grew up we became obsessed with the cult of death and the different ceremonies and beliefs around it. We discovered a lot of meaning that we try to transmit in our blog. Finally a trip to Mexico during the famous "death feast" turned our passion into a real project.

Dia de los Muertos Mexico

The passion and excitement for this celebration made us realize that many people are attached to life. Besides, the skull often represents living to the fullest before it is too late. That is why we had the idea to set up our own shop for people like us.

Mexican Sugar Skull in Mexico

Our goal is to provide all the enthusiasts with a specialized shop. Whether you are a biker, punk, gothic, or just looking for a product that represents a death's head. You've come to the right place.

The products in our store are constantly evolving so as to satisfy you. At Pirate Skull, we dedicate ourselves to offer you the most innovation and styled goods. We also aim to provide a high level of customer service. We try to do our best to satisfy you with quality products and a perfect customer service. We guarantee a free standard delivery.

A death's-head shop for enthusiasts by enthusiasts.

La Catrina