Skull Molds

In this collection, you will find our skull molds. We offer different shapes and sizes of items in order to fulfill your needs. Check on the product sheets that it is compatible with food use.

Most of our molds are made of food-grade silicone and can be used for baking. This allows avoiding alert reactions by avoiding materials that could be toxic. These Silicone Moulds are ideal if you want to prepare sugar skulls for occasions such as Day of the Dead or Halloween. Add originality to your recipes and preparations. Unmould your preparation with ease thanks to a soft and elastic material texture.

Type of skull mold available:

  • Cake Mold
  • Candy Mold
  • Ice Cube Mold
  • Mold for Soap
  • Candle Mold

Some of our products can be used for different functions. However, if you choose a mold to make food products. It is preferable for maintenance and cleaning reasons to keep it for this single use.

How to clean your silicone molds?

The maintenance is very simple. For cleaning, you can wash them with a dishwasher. If you wash them by hand, use soapy water with warm water. Avoid using detergent. Take care drying them well with a towel or a dry cloth to avoid any bacterium and the possible appearance of fungus. It’s possible to use vinegar too.