Find out in this article how to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. The celebration of the Day of the Dead is known all over the world. It is the most famous Mexican holiday. It has its origins in two very distinct cultures. Both Christian and Aztec, this festival is rich in color and is classified as a cultural heritage of UNESCO.

Discover the origins of this tradition by reading this article "The Origin of Dia de los Muertos".

Every year from November 1st to 2nd, Mexicans honor the cycle of life and death by commemorating dia de los muertos. During these memorial day holidays, Mexicans celebrated their loved ones during the day parade with live music. In some festivals parades they wear costumes and make up a skull face.

Celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico

In each house, families prepare an altar for their loved one. These altars are made up of several elements. These symbols are for celebrating and commemorating the departed.

Altar Day of the Dead

  • Photo of the deceased
  • Flowers (orange flowers called zempaxuchitl)
  • Sugar or chocolate skulls
  • Le pan del muerto
  • Copal in its censer
  • Candles
  • Papel picado
  • Holy water
  • Fruits
  • Candy
  • Food and drink enjoyed by the deceased
  • Various offerings appreciated by the deceased

In the cemeteries you can see beautiful floral decorations around the graves. Families gather on the evening of October 31 around the tombs to clean and decorate them. They remain there until the next morning, remembering the good times often spent around a tequila. If people cannot stay overnight, then they take it easy until sunrise to welcome the deceased. Indeed, it is believed that the souls of loved ones return to see each other again and spend time with their families.

Orange flower with candle in the street

We can also see in the street a path of orange flowers and candles. They are there to guide the souls to the altar at their family's home. It is common to leave the door of the house open to welcome them.

It is a moment of sharing and joy. For Mexicans it is not a sad day but rather a way to celebrate life. It is a wonderful way to pay tribute to our ancestors.

Cities in Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead

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Arriving on October 30th you will have the opportunity to visit the craftsmen's market. The night of the dead is amazing enjoy this spectacle in the villages surrounding Lake Patzcuaro. Take the opportunity to see Danza de los Viejitos (Dance of the Old Man) +solanel and ritual.

Janitzio Island

Janitzio during Day of the Dead

This island is located in the middle of Lake Patzcuaro. Visiting the famous village Santa Fe de la Laguna attracts thousands of visitors Feast of the Souls Impregnate yourself with the Legend every November 1 Ghostly Guardians wake up, come out of the depths of the lake to go ring the church bell.


If you are looking for the authenticity of this tradition then this village is the ideal place. Very few tourists come here for this celebration. You will almost have the impression to go back in time. 


The Mictlán Festival in Veracruz famous for its diversity over 5 days invites the spectator to visit crypts, tombs and mausoleums with the participation of theatrical and musical artists.


Festival of light and life hundreds of people light up around the floating stage of the lagoon candle torch with fireworks and music 


Sugar skull market

The Oaxaca inhabitants comb their faces. The Skeleton masks are part of the folklore of this tradition. The peculiarity of this endroid is that the sugar skulls painting come from here.


One of the best places to enjoy the Day of the Dead is in Parque de las Palapas. It is located in Chedraui in the center of Cancun. Participate in the parade of Avenues Chichén Itza.

Discover the "Bridge to Paradise" Mexican Cemetery recreating the Mayan and Mexican tradition and participate in the Festival of Life and Death Traditions. For those who don't want to see a real tomb, this is a good alternative to discover this Mexican tradition.

You can also visit the Museo Maya de Cancun y Zona Arqueologica de San Miguelito. A must-see Mayan museum.

Mexico city

Mexico day of the dead

The parade at the beginning of the film did not exist but the Mexican government introduced it shortly after. After November 2nd, the artists will create a temporary cemetery with giant sculpture frescoes on the ground sand and flower carpet choreography and homage to celebrities who have recently passed away.

Day of the Dead Celebration in the USA

Day of the dead in America

Various cities in the United States are organizing festivities for the occasion. As a result of the cultural mix and cosmopolitan population, Hispanic communities have brought this tradition with them. Find out if you are lucky enough to live near one of these cities. No doubt there are other places for these festivities, but we mention the most famous ones. Some cities may mix this celebration with Halloween.


Florida, Fort Lauderdale

For the past 10 years, Fort Lauderdale's Annual Day of the Dead Event has been one of the largest events in the United States. Enjoy the traditional Aztec and Mayan dances. Let the Skeleton Processional lead you into the Skeleton Processional.

New Mexico, Albuquerque

The Dia de las Muertos y Marigolds Parade takes place every year and is one of the largest in the United States. This parade is becoming more and more popular. The floats decorated with marigolds and the people marching in disguise make it one of the best cities outside of Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Between food, music and altar, New Mexico lives up to its name.

California, San Diego

Close to Tijuana the Old Town Day of the Dead Festival takes place in park plaza in the heart of the city. You can discover a magnificent offrande tower as well as aztec dances all in the right atmosphere. The festivities usually take place on Saturday.

California, San Francisco

Since 1970 the city has hosted the celebration of the Day of the Dead in the Festival of Altars. Almost 15,000 people participate every year. Bring your flowers and start the procession march.

California, Los Angeles

Magnificent festivity for more than 30 years. The Mexican market offers every year the Olvera Street Dia de los Muertos. The celebration is open to the public from October 26th to November 2nd. You can participate in the festivity with your children.

The Feast of the Dead and the Living

Celebrate life during the day of the dead

Each year, the Day of the Dead is a time to share good memories with our loved ones, to honor them. It is important to keep in mind that it is a moment of joy that also aims to celebrate life. For Mexicans, life and death are part of the same path.

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