Human skulls have different symbolism depending on the time and the country. However, they are most often associated with the representation of human mortality. A way of representing an ephemeral passage on earth.

Origin of Skull Symbol

Realistic Skull Offer

The origin of the use of skulls goes back very far in time. In different civilizations and cultures skulls have been used for rituals to honor the gods. A sacred and divine dimension emerges from these traditions. What could be more obvious than a skull? It is still the most obvious symbol to remind us that we are mortal.

Aztec Skulls Symbol

Aztec Skull Wall

In Mesoamerican culture, the Aztecs used skulls for various occasions. You surely have the human sacrifices in mind. Piles of skulls of sacrificed people were formed at the foot of temples. But these are not the only occasions where we see the representations of skulls. They symbolize the passage to the other world and are associated with different deities such as Mictlantecuhtli.

Skulls for The Gauls of Europe

Skull Trophy for the Gauls

In the Gallic tribes of Europe during the 3rd century BC, Gallic warriors had a common practice of cutting off the heads of their enemies and displaying them as trophies at the entrance of the village or on the pillars of buildings. This is probably a way to intimidate other tribes or empires. Scientists are still unsure of the purpose of this practice up to now.

Skull Meaning for Japanese

Japanese Death Ceremony

During the funeral ceremony in Japan, families usually attend the cremation of the deceased loved one. Once finished, the ashes of the skeleton are placed on a table and then each person grabs a bone fragment with chopsticks and places it in an urn. In addition to this ceremony, skulls in Japan are a way to show respect to those who have left, especially with tattoos.

Skull Symbolism for hindu

Shiva with Skull Necklace

For Hinduism, the goddess Shiva is often depicted with three eyes, several hands, wearing a skull necklace called Mundamala. This necklace represents the skull heads of vanquished enemies or demons. Moreover, the Mundamala stands for victory over the fear of death and the passage of time.

Skull Symbolism for christianity

Repersentation of a Saint with a Skull

For Christians, the skulls are present in many representations of the saints. Their purpose is to recall the mortal side of the human being. The fact of showing a saint next to a skull shows the wisdom and prudence of it. This morbid representation for some aims to remind us to live his life to the fullest.

Modern Symbolism of Skulls

American Skull Offer

In modern western culture, many people have a negative view of human skulls. But we must remember that in history there was a fascination. Morbid for some, motivating for others, skulls have not finished arousing people's fascination. Let's see together what kind of person likes these sometimes morbid representations.

Skull Meaning For Biker

Skull on a Harley Davidson

Unsurprisingly, bikers are well known for loving skulls. But why? The rebellious side and the feeling of freedom that comes from riding a motorcycle with their group go perfectly well with skulls which shows that life must be lived at 100% and more, it adds a bad boy side that is not to displease them.

Skull Meaning For Goth

Gothic Women with a Skull

The gothic people like everything dark and that is why, besides spiders and crows, skulls have an important part of their atmosphere. They use them for their morbid side to shock ordinary people. Of course, there is not only this reason, but it is the common one.

Skull Meaning For Non-Conformist

Men hidding behind a Skull mask

Finally, skulls are appreciated by all those people who don't care about: what will people say? Whether you are rebels or one who cannot stand normality and eager to show that you are enjoying life and not afraid of death.

Skull Meaning For Remembering Loved-ones

Couple with Skulls painting for Day of the Dead

Coming straight from Mexico with the day of the dead celebration and spread it. Discover the origin of the famous celebration of dia de Los Muertos. They are used to honor the souls and place them on altars and graves. Many people began to appreciate more and more the Mexican skulls called Calavera. The artistic and colorful side of the sugar skulls is a big part of their popularity. Even people who find it morbid to wear or decorate their interior with a human skull, are forced to recognize the artistic side of the Calaveras. Some are even surprised to want one to decorate their interior.

Symbolism of Skull Tattoo

Woman with a Calavera Back Tattoo

Skulls are more and more present on tattoos. They are very popular for their artistic and symbolic side. Their meaning varies according to the motifs associated with the skulls. They are most often associated with overcoming difficult challenges. It is also a sign of strength and power that shows resilience to destiny.

Skull Heads Decoration Offer

Nowadays many people associate skulls with death and see a morbid side to wearing clothing or jewelry bearing its effigy. Just look at the skull and crossbones symbol on the labels of dangerous products, which symbolizes a life-threatening danger. That said, as seen previously, proudly wearing skull representations shows your powerful side and that you do not give up when faced with life's difficult trials. It is a sign of wisdom that shows your awareness that you do not live forever and enjoy every moment untill the end.